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The “must see” of Bucharest

Șuțu Palace was build in neo-gothic style and hosts today the City of Bucharest Museum with almost 400.000 exponents. The neo-gothic style palace was made between 1833-1835.


 Unirii Square  is one of the largest square downtown Bucharest and makes the conection with People’s House through a major boulevard. The square is the major transport hub, decorated with beautiful fountains, very popular in the summer.


Built in neoclassic style,  Patriarchate Palaceformer Chamber of Deputies Palace, is the location where Patriarchate of the Roanian Orthodox Church operates.



  National History Museum founded in 1970, holds in its 60 halls, different items dating from the prehistoric era until present, all of them discovered in Romania with a huge archaeological and historical value. Certified as an official Historical Monument it was built at the end of XIX century in neoclassic style with German influences.


National Romanian Bank Museum holds an important numismatic collection, stating monetary circulation registered on our country territory starting with Vth century.



  Macca Villacrosse Passage is famous for its yellow glass roof and the horse shoe shaped of the building. The assembly was the headquarter of the first stock market in Bucharest.



With an English park landscape archtecture, Cișmigiu Parc  is the oldest attested public garden in Bucharest. In the summer time you can take a beautiful boat trip on the lake, while in the winter season, the whole water surface becomes a natural skating arena.

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