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A walk through history 


 Parliament Palace or People’s House was registered in Guiness Book of Records as the second largest administrative building after Pentagon. The building has 9 levels at surface and 9 level underground. In terms of volume, is the third in the world after Kennedy Space Center ( space rockets assembling building ) in Cape Canaveral and Quetzalcoatl’s Pyramid in Mexico


  The University Square ( km 0 ) is declared Neo-Communism Free Area and Democracy’s km 0. Here took place the largest social manifestation after the 1989 Romanian Revolution.


Revolution Square is a place with  a huge historical weight. The building was the former HQ of the Communist Central Committee and the symbolical point of ended communist era. Here is the place from where Ceaușescu run away with a helicopter from the roof of the building, in a last struggle of escape.


  The Headquarter of Union of Architects of RomaniaOld or new? Both…a historical monument and one of the strangest buildings in Europe, the building that is today the headquarter of the Union of architects in Romania, is at the crossroads Demetru Dobrescu and Boteanu. Paucescu house later became the Austro-Hungarian Embassy, was the headquarter of the State Security Direction in the communist period and was destroyed during the Revolution of 1989. It was restored between 2003-2007, and have an original style, a combination between ald and new.


Victoria Palace gratefully guarding Victoria Square, is today the Romanian Government HQ.


   TVR  – Romanian Public Television-had an important role in Romanian revolution.Before 1989 it was the only Romanian public television. In December 1989 TVR broadcast live the events during the revolution, which triggered the fall of Communist regime. TVR was the first television who succeed to cover all the events during regime change.


Primăverii Palace – the former residence of Ceaușescu Family. Open to visitors in 2016, Primăverii Palace was the residence of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu family between 1965-1989. Built in the middle of 60′, the residence surprise by spaciousness, balanced mass objects and luxorious interior decor. To visit the palace you must book the tour with 24 hours before.


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