Tudor Gabriel Iaver – Certified tourist guide

Live and learn 😀 Conquer Europe with knowledge, humor and a crazy way to party only the Romanians know how. If you think these are big words, come see a concert or visit the Romanian clubs etc.

Some words about me

I am sociable, friendly and looking forward to meeting and knowing new persons from different cultures. Just come in a visit with me and find out about beautiful Romania, its peoples and culture.

I’m also a fellow traveler who wants to see as many countries as possible.

My motto is : It’s so good to be home…but while coming back from a trip.


The College of Tourism Economy at the
American-Romanian University – Bucharest

Cris Lac

Tudor is probably the best guide out there, a very friendly guy and out going !

Spoken languages

I am fluent in the following languages :



I have the following accreditation:

  • Certified tour guide

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